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Political Satire / Dark Comedy

5 actors, 2 female, 2 male, 1 any gender (double cast in 2 roles)

The Long Arc follows a political wife who wrestles with her own ambitions as she grapples with a philandering spouse. 
The play features double casting for the central characters: Mark, a charismatic Connecticut congressman, and Anna, his highly intelligent but publicly disliked wife. One set of actors plays Anna and Mark as they appear in public, while a complementary set portrays their private personas. 
The action unfolds in three acts. Each reimagines the story along a different arc, with a different outcome that corresponds to choices made by Anna in response to her husband's betrayal.
In Act I, Anna submits to public humiliation, supporting her husband unconditionally to safeguard her children and family.
In Act II, Anna sacrifices her family, and her ambitions, for the pleasure of revenge. 
In Act III, Anna plays the aggrieved wife to gain public empathy, force Mark's resignation, and usurp his seat in Congress.

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