©2018 by Jonathan Luskin


Comedy, Dark Comedy, Drama, Satire, Science, Science Fiction

6 actors, 3 female, 3 male, cast in 13 roles. 

Perfect interleaves three stories that explore the nature of disability and genetic enhancement, and what parents will do to give their children the very best advantages in life. The play is inspired by the recent discovery of CRISPR, a faster, less expensive, more accurate DNA editing technology. 

Athlete is the story of Chase, a young man genetically enhanced to have increased muscle mass, speed, and agility, and driven by his father to be a star athlete. Chase, however, prefers cross dressing to basketball. Each subsequent scene in this story is set further back in time, until the surprising reason behind his creation is revealed.

Viral Kid is the story of Jeanine and Mark, who will accept only a "perfect" child and fear the random risks of conceiving naturally. The couple tries renting a kid through a child-rental app, then designing one using CRISPR, and finally, they synthesize an imaginary child through fake social media posts aimed at elevating their "family social media profile." They remain, however, dissatisfied and can’t suppress the feeling that an imaginary child isn't enough. 

Perfect is the story of Charlie, a cell biologist; her son Garry, a brilliant, wheelchair-using technician who runs her lab; and Morgan, a secretive venture capitalist. Morgan hires Charlie to perfect a patent-free alternative to CRISPR. Garry discovers  Morgan has invested in a second lab that's secretly using the pair's research to clean the human genome of congenital disabilities like his.